Our Precautions for Covid-19

Plant-wide applications
Preparation of protocols regarding hygiene practices that affect the operation process of the facility
Systematic control of all protocols and procedures
Directing the facility with signs indicating social distance
Providing alcohol-based hand sanitizer and disinfectant at common use points of the facility
Training of all personnel working in the facility
Specifying Covid-19 and hygiene rules on wall diagrams
Minimizing the manual searches of guests other than the x-ray device
Providing written information to the guests about the measures and practices taken during their entrance to the hotel.
Keeping protective equipment and masks on site
Regular replacement of the ventilation filters
Natural ventilation of common areas
Measurement of body temperature of personnel with thermal sensors
Regular provision of protective equipment for personnel
Informing the personnel about the use of protective equipment
Taking necessary actions regarding staff or guests with fever
Employees to receive a Certificate of Hygiene Education approved by the Ministry of National Education
Ensuring that the stores and shops within the facility comply with the hygiene rules
Preparing an intervention plan in case the guests show signs of illness at the entrance to the hotel or during their stay.
Determination of emergency isolation areas within the facility
Rules covering guests
Providing alcohol-based hand sanitizer and disinfectant to the guests at the reception
Informing the guests about the Covid-19 measures during the entrance to the hotel, both in writing and verbally.
Requesting guests to carry their luggage and personal belongings by them.
Directing guests to make payments via contactless pos devices and online
Frequent disinfection of the cards or keys used to enter the room
New arrangements in the rooms
Frequent disinfection of equipment such as water heater, television and air conditioning control used in rooms
Disposable arrangement of bathroom and kitchen equipment in the rooms
Measures in kitchens and restaurants
Having a specially prepared cleaning protocol for facility kitchens
Taking all precautions for food safety and complying with the protocol
Paying attention to the cleaning of the areas where the equipment is located in the kitchens
1.5 meters distance between tables of restaurants and 60 cm distance between chairs
Regular cleaning of service equipment before and after service
Serving by staff from beverage machines open to common use
Disinfecting equipment such as salt shaker, napkin holder on dining tables
Distribution of food by officials in open buffet practice
Glass visors to prevent the contact of guests with food
Providing alcohol-based hand sanitizer / disinfectant for guests and staff in restaurants

You can access the in-plant epidemic precaution plan from the link below;

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